West Sicily Holiday

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The real sicilian cuisine

Sicilian cuisine is well-known and appreciated throughout the world. What distinguishes the traditional cuisine of this part of Sicily is the alternation of very tasty “sea and land” recipes. Aromatic herbs (such as wild fennel and oregano) and dried fruits (such as sultanas, pine nuts or dried figs) flavour both our fish and meat dishes. Our sweets and desserts reflect also the specific characteristics of the area. But what you cannot miss to taste during your stay is the “couscous”. This typical dish, which has Arab origin, is available in various variants. It came here in the original version cooked with meat and vegetables, but we have immediately adopted it flavouring the durum wheat semolina with the scents of our sea. Our “fish couscous”, cooked following the ancient traditional recipe, will make you prisoners of our flavours!
Tuna fish is also known as “pig of the sea” and, therefore, nothing is thrown away!
Your taste buds will be delighted by tasting every single tuna fish product, such as the “bottarga (salted and dried eggs)” to the “lattume (the semen of male tuna fish)”, from the “ventresca (tuna belly)” to the “ficazza (tuna salami)”, as well as by our numerous dishes based on tuna.
Most of our sweets and desserts smell of almonds and ricotta (cottage cheese) cheese; you surely know the “cassata siciliana” or the “cannolo siciliano”, but you cannot really know them if you don’t taste a “cannolo” made in Dattilo (small village in the countryside of Erice) or a homemade cassata!
Each of these dishes “must” be accompanied by good wines and our territory has several wineries, now well-known on the international wine scene: in addition to the renowned dessert wines, such as the “Passito”, the “Malvasia” and the famous “Marsala”, you can enjoy excellent wines that bring out the flavours of the native grape varieties cultivated in the largest vineyard area in Europe.


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